​​​Professional Pet Sitting, Overnight sitting and Dog Walking Services

in Farmington West Hartford Avon and Bloomfield, CT

Dog Walking

The best thing you can do for your dog's health, happiness, and overall wellbeing is to keep them in good shape and physically active.

 With this service we will provide 20 minutes of exercise and attention to your canine companion. This has always been our most popular option of our dog walking service, so we have made it our standard offering. It can include a vigorous walk, leisurely stroll, or ball in the yard. What ever works best for your pup. We can also feed any meals or administer any medications needed. 

To keep your pets and our sitters safe, we may adjust outdoor walk times during extreme weather. We will still spend time inside visiting and keeping your dog company while you are out.

Longer visit/walk times are available by request and are priced accordingly. 

This service is available once, twice, or three times per day depending on if you are going to be away overnight or just for a long day. This service gives you the option to keep your dog comfortable in their own home and is great for simple midday potty breaks, as well as for dogs who would find boarding in a kennel to be more stressful than fun when their people are away for an extended trip. 

$22 for 1st dog. $4 per additional dog.  20 Minutes. Additional time available upon request. 

Dog Walking